I aim to educate and inspire holistic herbalists. My students are true healers  seeking to make a difference in their families & communities.

My passion is to share my herbal knowledge in a way that allows for individuality and creativity. My program is designed as thorough grounding in herbalism all in one place.

I aspire to inspire 

Who are you?

You are someone others come to for help

You don’t even need to offer help, people come to you. They recognize you as a healer even if you don’t claim to be one. Or you are a healer in a different modality – massage therapist, aromatherapist, nurse, energy healer, etc.

You have thought about learning herbalism and may have already started on your own but are looking for a well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning.


Why my Herbal School?

My herbal school is different. I don’t break subjects up requiring you to jump from course to course. I built 16 sessions holistically to include every subject with efforts to match the herbs you will be learning with the body systems you’ll be learning.

I’ve included both cultivating herbs as well as wildcrafting and botany for the herbalist. You’ll learn 30 herbal preparations as well as 50 herbal monographs. I teach the Western Energetic model as well as herbal actions so you can easily read herbal texts with understanding.

Check out the details of the online program here and email me with any questions.