Our goal here at Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals is to make herbal medicine easy and accessible to everyone. We do this through offering herbal presentations, workshops, apprenticeships and running a formal herbal school geared toward students who want to become community herbalists.


Our passion is to share herbal knowledge in a way that allows for individuality and creativity.


Why Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals?

Our courses are designed to create confident and competent holistic herbalists; empowering students to feel comfortable incorporating herbs into their everyday lives, and inspiring them to become active and meaningful contributors to the world of herbalism.

Monica is knowledgable and engaging with an infectious passion for herbs, holistic health and education. Her curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, providing a solid foundation for the casual or beginner herbalist, as well as growing the experienced student's working knowledge of medicinal plants and their interactions with individual body systems.

Which program is right for you?

Plugging into the right program is important. Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals offers a variety of options to suit herb newbies to experienced herbalists and everyone in between!.

If you're looking for someone to speak to your group, or you'd like to host a workshop for your friends at your location, follow the link below for information about Speaking & Workshops.

Or maybe you'd just like to attend a workshop, talk or wildcrafting walk. See our workshop schedule to reserve your spot now.

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Are you new to the world of herbs?

Who enrolls in Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals' courses? Is it only for "real" herbalists?

Maybe you've thought about learning herbalism - and might even have already started on your own, but are looking for a little more help and instruction.

Are are interested in learning more about herbalism and are ready to go for it?

Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals offers a variety of courses and workshops that are perfect for someone ready to get their feet wet!

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Do you want to dig a little deeper?

Maybe you're a healer in a different modality or you are the person others come to for advice. You could be a mother/father or grandmother/grandfather wanting to increase your healing knowledge to support your family.

Are you ready for the full immersion program, covering everything from anatomy & physiology for the herbalist to herbal preparations and building your own materia medica? We offer a thorough, well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning for the more serious-minded herbalist.

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Why choose our Holistic Herbalist Program?

This program is different. We don’t break subjects up, requiring students to jump from course to course to put together the pieces. Instead, our 16-session course is designed holistically, matching the herbs you will be learning with the body systems you’ll be learning.

The course covers cultivating herbs as well as wildcrafting and botany for the herbalist. You’ll learn 30 herbal preparations and 50 herbal monographs. We teach the Western Energetic model as well as herbal actions so you can read and understand herbal texts with ease.

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Give them the gift that keeps on giving…

P.S. Our online mini-courses and workshops make wonderful gifts. Share the gift of health and knowledge with someone special.

Not sure what to get for the person who has everything? How about gifting them tuition to one of our new Herbal Preparations online courses or a 6-month subscription to our Herb-a-Month digest? We offer gift certificates that make perfect stocking stuffers, birthday and graduation presents. Or let us bring the party, and schedule one of our herbal workshops for the birthday boy or girl!

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Are you ready to take your healing skills to the next level?

Start your journey with us today!