Hi, I’m Monica, but you can call me Mon. I’m a holistic clinical herbalist who prefers to go by the title “Holistic Health Advocate & Guide”. I am also a homeschool mother of 7, most of whom are graduated, a wife to my soulmate for almost 28 years (24 years of which I was a proud Marine Wife), pianist, gardener, perpetual student, sister, daughter, friend, and rebel. Like you there are many sides of ME and I am continuing to learn to love all of them.      As I look back over my almost 50 years on this planet I can recall years of absolute delight and wonder. I’ve experienced untold joys and adventures that still float through my mind as if they were yesterday. I’ve also gone through periods of dark thoughts and depression feeling totally alone and misunderstood. Times of failure and utter defeat in the face of seemingly unsurmountable problems. I’ve had to combat childhood beliefs and mental blocks which were keeping me from reaching my full potential.

This is how I found my heart’s passion: to help other women like me reclaim their health, joy, and find their purpose. You may wonder how I plan on doing this when my services are based around herbs and nutrition. Well, through my life’s journey I have seen the most inner growth happen when people began to refocus on their health and self-care which is usually something that is set aside as they turned their focus to their family’s needs.    Here’s a reminder: life is about more than just surviving – you should be thriving!

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Blessings of Health & Joy

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