Basics of Wildcrafting: Fall

Date 2020-09-26
Location45 Eichs Rd, Cocolalla, ID, 83813-9525

Wildcrafting is a super enjoyable part of herbalism!

Finding an herb in its natural environment and taking it home to process helps us to forge a deeper connection with the plant. These seasonal workshops will get you out into nature and becoming intimately familiar with a variety of useful plants. Our hope is that you will leave this workshop with a new appreciation of the weedy wonders that grow around you!

Learn to locate, ID and use the seasonal goodies growing just outside your front door. Students finish by learning to make herbal remedies using the plants collected. Specific wildcrafting plants are subject to seasonal availability.

Attendees will be responsible for bringing certain wildcrafting supplies to the class. An email with details will be sent prior to the workshop.

Attendance will be limited. Reserve your spot now!

Basics of Wildcrafting Workshops