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Herbal & Wildcraft Workshops are geared toward learning one herb at a time either identify & ethically wildcraft or cultivate and harvest, historical and current uses, preparations, dosage and safety considerations. These seasonal 3-hour workshops will get you out into nature becoming intimately familiar with a variety of useful plants. I will do an herbal remedy demonstration and students will do one herbal remedy with the plant we harvested to take home with them. Minimum 5 students and max of 8 ($75)

Spring Workshops 

May 25th 4PM – 8PM – Dandelion Feast ($105)

Dandelion is a common household “weed” with a sketchy reputation…or is it? I’m here to prove why I think dandelion should be growing in every garden and even replace our manicured lawns. Okay, I may not be that convincing, but you will leave this banquet with a new appreciation of dandelion and the benefits it bestows. This workshop will be all about the tasty feast. We’ll spend some time gathering the edibles then make our way into the kitchen to do the preparations. Some of it will be demonstration and some will be hands-on. (max 6 participants)

On the Menu:

  • Starter: dandelion pesto served with wonton chips
  • Salad: wild greens and edible flower salad topped with homemade dressing
  • Main Course: warm dandelion-bacon potato salad
  • Main Course: small pork chop from pasture-grown hogs raised on our homestead
  • To Drink: 4 oz glass of dandelion wine & dandelion flower tea
  • For Dessert: dandelion root brownies and dandelion/chicory root coffee

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June 8th 9AM-Noon  Herbal & Wildcraft workshop ($75)

See above for description of workshop. I won’t know which plant we will be looking at until I see what is ready to wildcraft.

Summer & Fall Workshops

July 20th 10AM – 1:30PM – Gut Health & Herbal Bitters ($75) 

Explore the much-maligned and often forgotten world of herbal bitters. In our society the bitter element in food and drink has taken a backseat to the more appreciated flavors like salty and sweet (thank you processed food industry). In this talk I will dive into the many benefits of bitters  including igniting digestion, balancing blood sugar, correcting a sluggish metabolism, and reducing the toxic load. I will cover ways to incorporate bitters into your life easily, share samples and recipes. Each student will make their own herbal bitter combination with the herbs I supply (they will need to bring some supplies and a lunch) Max 8 students.

August 17th 9AM-Noon  Herbal & Wildcraft workshop ($75)

See above for description of workshop. I won’t know which plant we will be looking at until I see what is ready to wildcraft.

September 21st 10AM – 1:30  Herbs for Kids ($75) 

What we’ll cover – Introduction to natural medicine, the value of using botanicals for kids, some herbal preparations kids will actually take, proper dosing for children, herbs & herbal products you should keep on hand. This workshop includes a couple of herbal remedy demonstrations plus participants will make their own fire cider formulated so kids will love it (required supplies and bring a lunch) Max 8 students

October 19th 10AM – 1:30 Herbal Allies for Strong Immunity ($75)

Keeping well during the fall and winter season can be tough! We’ll talk about some of the herbs you can lean on that will help protect you from the viral and bacterial onslaught. We’ll discuss some important adaptogens, immune-building herbs, antivirals and antibacterials. We’ll finish the workshop by making some fire cider and elderberry syrup for you to take home.  Max 8 students (required supplies and bring a lunch)

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