Continuing our basil-in-cocktails theme this week, these impressive ice cubes pair well with our Orange-Basil Sangria recipe.

A pretty edible flower adds an extra-special touch, and they keep your drink cold longer without watering down the flavor. Try using violas, chamomile, sorrel, citrus blossoms, apple blossom, borage, basil flower (yes, they’re edible), lavender, mint, lemon balm or sage blossoms. (this is hardly an exhaustive list, but I think all of these choices would combine very well with this recipe!)

They sound so fancy, but they’re actually quite easy! Plus, they’ll add that finishing touch to cocktail hour the next time you entertain company!

Have you tried this or the orange-basil sangria recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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Orange Basil Wine Ice Cubes

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Orange Basil Wine Ice Cubes


  • 3 oz orange juice
  • 8 leaves basil
  • 9 oz white wine
  • 12 edible flowers (see above for suggestions!)


  • Muddle the basil into the wine
  • Strain out the leaves
  • Combine the orange juice and wine, and pour this mixture into an ice cube tray filling each cube to the halfway point
  • Partially freeze the contents, then push a flower into the "slush"
  • Allow the half-cubes to completely freeze
  • Pour the remaining mixture into the ice cube tray, which should completely fill each tray cube
  • Return to freezer to freeze completely
  • Once frozen, you can remove them from the tray and store them in a baggie or other container for use later (make sure to label them!)


for a typical 12-oz tray