If you’re using any medication to eliminate or reduce headaches more than 2 times a week, you need to remember that you’re only suppressing a symptom. Let’s see how we can get to the ROOT of the problem and find natural ways to decrease the frequency of your headaches.

Eliminate Food Triggers

Most common:

  • remove MSG (croutons, soups, restaurants)
  • nitrites (processed meats contain more of this)
  • caffeine – how much are you drinking/eating?
  • gluten
  • eliminate alcohol
  • tyramine (in aged foods including cheese, smoked fish, cured meats, some beer and wines)
  • aspartame
  • personal food sensitivities (grains, dairy, legumes, etc.)


Find the root of the emotion; how are you perceiving your life inputs?

Ask yourself

  • Where do you carry stress?
  • Can your headache be looked at as a gift? As a way for the body to communicate that something needs to be changed in your life?
  • Understand how you live your life and how the way in which you perceive your world may be contributing to headaches.

How can we increase resiliency?

  • relaxing herbs – chamomile, lavender, passionflower, linden can all be explored
  • massage/body work
  • reduce stress in your life
  • personal development to work through your thoughts and perceptions of life
  • elimination diet (minimum of 30 days, up to 3 months) to identify sensitivities
  • vitamin B2 400 mg/day
  • magnesium glycinate 600 mg/day
  • mindfulness/meditation practices
  • breath work
  • after life is back on track, adding adaptogens like maca, eleuthero and ashwagandha