Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism Online Certificate Program

Our full immersion program covers everything from anatomy & physiology for the herbalist to herbal preparations and building your own materia medica. We offer a thorough, well-laid out program to allow for deeper understanding and learning for the more serious-minded herbalist.
Our program is different. We don’t break subjects up, requiring students to jump from course to course to put together the pieces. Instead, our 18-session program is designed holistically, matching the herbs you will be learning with the body systems you’ll be learning.
We will cover cultivating herbs as well as wildcrafting and botany for the herbalist. You’ll learn 30 herbal preparations and 50 herbal monographs. We teach the Western Energetic model as well as herbal actions so you can read and understand herbal texts with ease.

Overview of Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism:

Take a video tour of the Fundamentals of Holistic Herbalism online course:

Once your scholarship application is approved, your remaining investment of $900 may be split into 9 monthly easy-pay installments of $100 OR 6 monthly installments of $150, whichever works best for your budget.